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Inventory/Stocktaking in Koha 3.0

First Log into the Library Admin

Take an inventory of your collection.

There are two ways to use the 'Inventory/Stocktaking' tool:

  1. Use Koha's guided form to define the items you want to take inventory OR
  2. Upload a barcode file and assign a last seen date to items in bulk (To obtain a barcode file, you will need to scan the barcodes using a handheld scanner with inventory capabilities)

Select More → Tools → Inventory/stocktaking


  • 'Library' (Choose which library you want to take inventory on; Choose 'All Locations' to take inventory on all locations.)
  • 'Item type' (Choose an item type to take inventory on.)
  • 'Item location between ... and' (Choose a range of item call numbers to take inventory on.)
    • TIP: The format here is 'items.itemscallnumber' (for instance, 937.23)
    • TIP: You can be very generic. For instance, when searching for fiction call numbers, a range of 'A' to 'Z' is an acceptable range.
  • 'Item location is' (Choose a 'collection'. This field searches the 'items.location'.)
  • 'Not seen since:' (Choose a date from the calendar pop-up.)
  • 'Show' (Define how many results you want to view on a page.)
  • 'Beginning at offset' (Tells Koha where in the list of results to drop you. For instance, if this field is set to '0', the results set will start displaying at the beginning of the range defined. However, if the field is set to something like '50' then the results set will start displaying at the 50th item defined by the range you have set)
    • TIP: This field MUST be a numeric value
  • Click 'Submit'


  • To mark items as 'seen', check the box next to each item you want to add and click 'Mark seen'.
  • IMPORTANT: You must check and click 'mark seen' for any items you want to mark as seen BEFORE using the arrows next to the 'mark seen' button to navigate to the next page of results. You cannot, for instance, check items on the first and second pages of results and then click 'mark seen' on the third page of results and have the previous two pages of results marked as seen.
  • TIP: Set the 'Show' field to a high number (like 200) if you want to minimize the number of times you must click 'mark seen'.


Use barcode file

  • Use 'Browse' to choose a barcode file to upload (this file is produced from your inventory scanner)
  • 'Set date last seen to' using the Koha's calendar popup.
  • Click 'Submit'

  • TIP: If you want to change the "last seen date" of only a few items, rather than manoeuvring through the inventory module, you can 'check in' (return) books by scanning barcodes, which will update the last seen date.
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