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You will have seen flat panel screens in banks and bars, mostly running advertisements and DVDs. Digital Signage takes the delivery of your message to a whole new level, targeting your audience with relevant information.

Increasingly, companies are recognising the power of Digital Signage - it is the perfect medium to tune your message to your audience; including employee communications, advertising, promotions, point-of-sale, infotainment, directions, and public information.








Some of the common Digital Signage applications are:

  • Corporate communications - Corporate messaging, management announcements, employee recognition
  • Advertising/POS - Enhance the shopping experience by promoting products
  • Directing - Efficiently direct people throughout your premises
  • Entertainment - Reducing the perceived waiting time and enhancing visitor experience
  • Public information - News headlines, weather, time/date
  • Menu information - Digital menu boards with information on pricing, ingredients and nutritional facts

Digital Signage enables users to display their messages more dynamically and targeted. Each display, connected to the internet can display a different message on a predefined schedule.

You can update your DigitalSignage from any computer with an internet connection at any time - no need to manually load pre-built image slideshows or presentations onto your display.

Come and see how Cloud-based Digital Signage software enables you to:

  • Blend different business media and messages onto a single screen.
  • Schedule different messages for appropriate times of the day.
  • Display a calendar of events or appointments to your visitors.
  • Mix marketing messages alongside entertainment visuals.



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