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You will have seen flat panel screens in shops and bars, mostly running advertisements and DVDs. Digital Signage takes the delivery of your message to a whole new level, targeting your audience with relevant information.

Increasingly, organisations are recognising the true power of 'content managed' Digital Signage - it is the perfect medium to tune your message to your audience; including employee communications, advertising, promotions, point-of-sale, infotainment, directions, and public information.

Some of the common Digital Signage applications are:

  • Corporate communications - Corporate messaging, management announcements, employee recognition, production data displays.
  • Advertising/POS - Enhance the shopping experience by promoting products
  • Directing - Efficiently direct people throughout your premises
  • Entertainment - Reducing the perceived waiting time and enhancing visitor experience
  • Public information - News headlines, weather, time/date
  • Menu information - Digital menu boards with information on pricing, ingredients and nutritional facts

Signage enables users to display their messages more dynamically and targeted. Each display, connected to the internet can display a different message on a predefined schedule. You can update your DigitalSignage from any computer with an internet connection at any time - no need to manually load pre-built image slideshows or presentations onto your display.

Ask us about how our cloud-based Digital Signage software enables you to:

  • Cost-effectively include digital signage in your environment.
  • Blend different business media and messages onto a single screen.
  • Schedule different messages for appropriate times of the day.
  • Display a calendar of events or appointments to your visitors.
  • Mix marketing messages alongside entertainment visuals.


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